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Learn Hypnosis with the Rory Z Hypnosis Academy

Private mentoring and 1-to-1 training

As well as the ‘group’ training courses that we run throughout the year, Rory Z also offers 1-to-1 training for those who cannot make it to our other courses and mentoring for those who’re serious about improving their hypnosis skills, confidence and business success!
Whether for hypnotherapy, stage or street hypnosis, or even to improve your rapid inductions, Rory can help. Our private mentoring and 1-to-1 training is completely bespoke and designed specifically for you with your needs in mind. 
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“I attended a 1-2-1 with Rory Z, as I had always had an interest in hypnosis and wanted to tick off a bucket-list wish…. I got more than I expected. The cynic in me was alert for a charlatan and was convinced I would/could not be hypnotised etc. I couldn’t have been more wrong on all counts. From the get-go, I learned fascinating insights and undertook practical demonstrations that had me instantly hooked. Thereafter, the deeper insight into hypnosis and it’s potential therapeutic solutions had me completely re-evaluating how I may wish to utilise and further this amazing skillset.

Within 20 minutes of getting home I had successfully hypnotised a very pessimistic family member. I’m hooked. And that’s a credit to Rory to be able to inspire and convert such an eternal cynic. I left the session somewhat overwhelmed with the possibilities and excited at the prospects, with a definite view of undertaking the Hypnotherapy Diploma course in the near future. Wonderful. Highly recommended!”

— Antony Walker
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Are you learning hypnosis or hypnotherapy, but feeling:

Unprepared? Stuck? Uninformed? Alone? Unconfident? Demotivated? Unsupported?

It doesn't have to be this way...

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Private mentoring and 1-to-1 training options

Watch this quick video for more information about our mentoring and 1-to-1 training options, or use the buttons below the video to learn more.

Live 1-to-1 Training Sessions
Half day / full day training with Rory Z in person
Online Mentoring Sessions
Zoom / Skype / Whatsapp / Phone available in 15-min 'chunks'
6-month Hypnotherapy Mentoring Programme
The full mentoring package, with many benefits!
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A live 1-to-1 training session with Rory Z will help you to develop and upskill, as well as boosting your confidence as a hypnotist or Hypnotherapist!

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Live 1-to-1 Training

Attending a group training is great, and is always a really good opportunity to get hands-on practice with a whole bunch of different people. However…

If you’re really committed to becoming a great hypnotist or hypnotherapist… If you wish to refine and perfect your skills… If you want direct critical and constructive feedback to help you become better at what you do… If you want to be the very best that you can be… then a 1-to-1 training session with Rory Z is a great investment.

You can book either a half day (5 hours) or a full day (8 hours), which you will personally spend with Rory. It’s recommended that if you’re just looking to learn rapid inductions, then a half-day will suffice. For stage, street or hypnotherapy skills, it’s likely that you’d benefit more from a full day, though this can vary depending on your specific needs and experience.

Book Your Live 1-to-1 training session

All of our 1-to-1 training courses are held in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, Rory’s home town. The prices below are based on holding the course at this location. If you’d like Rory to travel to you for a 1-to-1, contact us directly for a quote.  

IMPORTANT: Course confirmation, location and instructions will be emailed to your PayPal E-mail Address as standard – if you would like the details emailed to a different email address, please contact Rory directly after you book in order to request this.

By booking a place you agree to be bound by our Terms of Sale – please read in full before booking.

Half-Day 1-to-1
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
9am-2pm or 1pm-5pm
Was £899 / Now £575
Full-Day 1-to-1
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
Was £1,199 / Now £875
1-to-1 Hypnotherapy Training
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
5 days - certification included
Was £5,995 / Now £2995
Want more information before you book?
Contact Rory Directly:
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Meet with Rory Z online for a powerful and intensive mentoring session and learn how to succeed in your hypnosis or hypnotherapy business!

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Online Mentoring

Comprehensive bespoke support and mentoring with Rory Z from the comfort of your own home!

During an online mentoring session with Rory Z the learning and development opportunities are limitless. Whether you’re still learning, or even if you’re already an experienced practitioner, Rory can help you to take your hypnosis skills and business to the next level! A mentoring session with Rory can help you with;

  • learning specific hypnosis and hypnotherapy skills
  • troubleshooting your hypnosis and hypnotherapy sticking points
  • deepening your understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy theory
  • learning how to optimise your hypnotherapy sessions
  • support working with tricky clients
  • understanding how to set up a stage hypnosis show
  • enhancing your hypnosis scripts
  • business setup, branding, marketing and advertising
  • website, socials and YouTube support
  • how to create video content and hypnosis MP3s
  • and much more…

Book Your Online Mentoring session

Online mentoring sessions can be held via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, or even over the phone (for UK numbers only), and can be booked in 15-minute chunks as required. Full payment must be made in advance of the start of the session. If any 15-minute blocks are unused, they can be carried over to a later mentoring session.

IMPORTANT: After signing up, you will asked to request your preferred time/date for the mentoring session. Once completed, confirmation of your booking will be emailed to your PayPal E-mail Address as standard – if you would like the details emailed to a different email address, please provide that email address when booking your session date/time.

By booking a place you agree to be bound by our Terms of Sale – specifically the ‘Online 1-to-1 training and mentoring programme’ section – please read in full before booking.

15-Minute Session
Was £45 / Now £20
30-Minute Session
Was £90 / Now £40
45-Minute Session
Was £135 / Now £60
60-Minute Session
Was £180 / Now £80

Not sure how much time you'll need?

If you’re not sure how much online mentoring time you’ll need, contact Rory using the button below. As an experienced hypnosis and hypnotherapy mentor, he will be able to give you a good idea of the time required to help ensure you get everything that you need from your mentoring session.

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Join our exclusive 6-month hypnotherapy mentoring programme and take your hypnotherapy business to the next level!

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6-Month Hypnotherapy mentoring Programme

Are you ready to become the best hypnotherapist you can be? Join world-renowned hypnotherapy expert, Rory Z, on our industry-leading mentoring programme!

Whether your hypnotherapy business is already up-and-running, or you’re now getting started, having someone experienced to guide you can make all the difference! On our 6-month Hypnotherapy Mentoring Programme, Rory will help you to succeed in all aspects of your hypnotherapy practice and business, as well as guiding you through his tried-and-tested six-step model for hypnotherapy business success.

6-Month Mentoring


Here's what you get when you enroll on the Hypnotherapy Mentoring Programme

26 Mentoring Sessions

Join Rory once a week for an intensive one-to-one mentoring session, specifically tailored to help you reach your hypnotherapy business goals!

Join all our in-person training courses

Come along to any of our live training events for free, any time during your 6-month mentoring programme!

Access All Online Courses

When you join the programme, you get a 6-month 'all access pass' to our comprehensive online training videos and resources!

Practical Skills Enhancement

Take your hypnotherapy skills to the next level with practical support and guidance, as well as the opportunity to troubleshoot any complex client cases!

Business development and branding support

With years of experience managing multiple companies, Rory is an expert in developing businesses and brands, and can help you to build a modern, successful hypnotherapy business!

Client generation and marketing support

Need more clients? Luckily 'selling' doesn't have to be hard. Rory has a range of powerful strategies that will help to quickly fill your diary with paying clients!

Content Creation Strategies

Learn how to develop, create and share your hypnotherapy content, whether it's videos, MP3s or anything else. Content is King, and Rory can help you create it!

Website and social media support

Learn the secrets to optimising your online presence! As a hypnotherapist, you need to know how to leverage your website and social media in a way that is both easy to implement and effective!

Priority Email Support

Contact Rory anytime with questions, and he'll be right at the end of an email, ready to help.

Start Your Mentoring Journey Today

IMPORTANT: After signing up, you will be redirected to request your preferred weekly time slot for your mentoring sessions. Once completed, confirmation of your enrolment will be emailed to your PayPal E-mail Address as standard – if you would like the details emailed to a different email address, please provide that email address when booking your session date/time.

Mentoring sessions can be held via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, or even over the phone (for UK numbers only). After receiving your mentoring confirmation, your online training access will be confirmed separately.

By booking a place you agree to be bound by our Terms of Sale – specifically the ‘Online 1-to-1 training and mentoring programme’ section – please read in full before booking.

6-Month Hypnotherapy Mentoring programme
Coming Soon

Access to the 6-Month Mentoring Programme will be made available after the RZHA Online Training courses are launched. Register your interest below:

Was £4,499 / Now £2,995

Don’t have a PayPal account?
You can pay by credit or debit card via the PayPal checkout page without a PayPal Account

In the meantime, check out our live 1-to-1 training and online mentoring options above. 

Customer Reviews

Taken From Our TrustPilot Page

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Fantastic hypnosis training..
Rory Z is a great trainer in hypnosis, the course is extremely enjoyable and well put together, he makes it fun by keeping a balance of theory and practical throwing in the odd joke here and there 🙂 ! This course is great for newbies or already skilled hypnotherapists or stage hypnotists wanting to build their repertoire of hypnotic tool box goodies..!
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Rory is the real deal!
One of the best hypnosis teachers I've had the pleasure of being taught by. Rory is a really genuine person, as well as being an entertaining and highly knowledgeable hypnosis teacher. He really does "walk the walk", unlike so many out there who promise lots and deliver little. Rory Z is the real deal!
JustAnswer Customer
JustAnswer Customer
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One to One Course
I took the 1 to 1 course and it was a truly special day. I actually put someone to sleep in seconds - what an amazing experience. One of the best moments of my life. DO IT and DO IT with Rory. Also Sara was brilliant as the subject and very incitefull as to what worked and what didnt. Im booking more!!!
Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson
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Amazing weekend
Amazing weekend, Rory entertained us throughout. I attended workshop because I felt I wanted to become a little more confident with Rapid Inductions. This course did not disappoint. Informative, practical and engaging. Thank you Rory
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes
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Rory gets my vote! Again
My second course with Rory. When you look around the room of your fellow students, you have to ask yourself why do so many qualified Hypnotherapists attend his courses? For me its because he blends proven techniques with fun. His teaching style is clear and you get plenty of practice on the day in a safe environment. Will I go back for more? For sure! And if you cant get to his courses then buy some of his books - they are easy to follow and a great way to start
Frankie Lafferty
Frankie Lafferty
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Rory is amazing trainer
Rory is amazing trainer! He is funny and makes hypnosis easy to understand.
James Dayley
James Dayley
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Never a dull moment.
I had the opportunity to study with Rory while he was in the United States. Whilst he teaches the techniques thoroughly with a warm sense of humor. By the end of the day, following loads of practice, the energy level in the room is through the roof. Even a complete newbie to hypnosis will be equipped with the power to drop people into hypnosis in an instant. If you get the chance to study with Rory in person, don’t miss out on the opportunity.
Pauline Aiston
Pauline Aiston
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Hypno training with RoryZ
Attended a rapid induction course delivered by Rory which was very engaging. Rare to attend a course as a complete novice and leave with confidence and skill. Still smiling about the fun and engaging day. His skills have to be seen/experienced, to be believed. Personable and professional alongside a lighthearted sense of fun as & when appropriate. I have also read a couple of his books that are easy to read in clear plain language. I can’t rate him highly enough. Impressive!
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Very often hypnotherapy trainers come...
Very often hypnotherapy trainers come in dull and staid forms or, more often than should be the case, they're sadly ill-equipped to perform hypnotherapy themselves, let alone train others to do it ethically. Rory is one of the few trainers that is none of the above; knowledgable and skilled in hypnosis & hypnotherapy, and interesting and innovative enough that you don't find yourself nodding off and drooling during one of his courses, Rory's courses are a must if you want to be successful!
Keith Blakemore-Noble
Keith Blakemore-Noble
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Excellent hypnosis teacher for all levels.
I'd consider him to be the best teacher of hypnosis I've had the pleasure of studying under (and there have been a few over the 11 years), and I look forward to opportunities to catch up with him and to learn even more from him. His skill, knowledge, patience, and great teaching style make his events a must-attend for anyone looking to improve their hypnosis skills, whatever level they are currently at.
Paddy Jordan
Paddy Jordan
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The best person to speak to when starting your Hypno journey!
I have been on numerous training sessions/weekends with Rory Z, and I also intend on going to more! Rory not only has extensive knowledge about the theory behind hypnosis beyond his years but his application is fantastic! I have learnt a lot and will continue to learn even more from Rory in the years to come!
Christopher Stewart
Christopher Stewart
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Rory's a great instructor and one of...
Rory's a great instructor and one of the top Hypnotists in the world. His books are so easy to read and to put in practice. He constantly puts out great guides and videos as well. The best out there, hands down.
Eglė Gabrėnienė
Eglė Gabrėnienė
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Truly professional
Very friendly, funny and professional.
Martin Boyce
Martin Boyce
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First Hypnotherapy book I ever read was...
First Hypnotherapy book I ever read was Rorys book. 4 months later I was on his course and became a Hypnotherapist. 5 years later I've worked in Harley St London , Broadstairs in Kent and now Yorkshire as a fully qualified Hypnotherapists full time. Thanks Rory.
Michael Beeson
Michael Beeson
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An informative and fun day guaranteed!!!
Rory’s rapids and stage training was everything I needed, or could ever have hoped it would be. His course has taken me from knowing nothing about hypnosis or how it’s done to actually being able to do it myself all within ONE DAY!! Rory’s focus on ensuring safety throughout the day and ensuring we have the tools to be safe doing hypnosis out in the open world is hugely reassuring. He is able to maintain a calm, relaxed and friendly learning environment which is guaranteed to make for a great fun day!!!

Got a question about 1-to-1 training and mentoring?

If you have a question about the Rory Z Hypnosis Academy’s 1-to-1 training and mentoring options that weren’t answered above, get in touch with Rory directly using the button below. He’s available to any questions you might have, and is always happy to help!

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