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Five reasons to start your own hypnotherapy blog

Five reasons to start your own hypnotherapy blog

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Writing a hypnotherapy blog is a fantastic way to generate interest in your hypnotherapy business. However, it can be time consuming. But who says you have to actually write the blog? Nowadays, there are many speech-to-text programmes that can help to take the time out of writing a blog. In fact, I am currently using one of those programs myself, right now, and dictating to my laptop. So, rather than sitting down and overanalysing what to say, I’m just talking to my device, as if it were a person (like you) sat in front of me. This, for a lot of people, will be much easier than using a word processor to physically write a blog – but either way works, you just need to figure out which way works best for you!

Before I tell you more about the free program that I’m using to dictate this blog, here are the five main reasons that you need to start writing your own hypnotherapy blog:


1. Hypnotherapy blogs showcase your expertise!

By writing a blog you are perceived as an expert. Only people who actually know what they’re talking about are thought of as the kind of people who write blogs on niche/specific topics. Simply by creating a blog, you are throwing your hat in the ring with all of the other ‘experts’ out there who are writing hypnotherapy blogs. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether you think you are an expert, because regardless of your own self-beliefs, it’s a 99.9% certainty that you will know a lot more about hypnotherapy than your prospective clients! So, to those people who’re reading your hypnotherapy blog posts, you will seem like an expert in hypnotherapy. Even better, you’ll be an expert who they can contact directly for a session!


woman reading a hypnotherapy blog on her phone in a coffee shop


2. Hypnotherapy blogs speak directly to your audience!

With blog posts, not only do you automatically get ‘expert status’, but you can also talk directly to your target audience without being perceived as a sleazy salesperson (yuck)! Nobody likes being overtly sold to! That’s why blogs work so well, because you won’t be writing a blog just to sell your services, instead you will usually be writing a blog to ‘answer a question’ that your prospective clients have. For example:

  • How much does hypnotherapy cost?
  • Can hypnosis help me with insomnia?
  • Is hypnotherapy as good as counselling for stress?
  • How do I find the best hypnotherapist in my area?
  • How can I tell if a hypnotherapist is accredited?

People will actively seek out your hypnotherapy blog posts when they are searching for one of these hypnotherapy-related questions. This means, they are going to fully engage with your blog post, because they want to know the answer to their question.

So, let’s say somebody wants to know if hypnotherapy can help them to lose weight. Your blog post can tell them exactly what they need to know, giving them some useful tips to get started, whilst subtly selling your services. The prospective client gets a benefit, because they get information about weight loss and hypnotherapy. You also get a benefit, in the form of a potential client and more income. It really is a win-win situation.


Woman reading a hypnotherapy blog and cheering, due to the helpful tips


3. Google loves hypnotherapy blogs!

By having a hypnotherapy blog on your website and posting frequently, Google will prioritise your website above other hypnotherapist websites in your area (those of your competitors), because your website will have a lot of keyword-specific content. Obviously, this means you will need to be able to create blog posts on your website, which isn’t necessarily part of the ‘standard plan’ with many site providers, and so may cost you a little bit more money beyond your standard website fee. However, it is a lot cheaper than paying for PPC advertising or website SEO in order to get better rankings and conversions, so in the long run paying a little extra to host your own hypnotherapy blog on-site is actually a fantastically cheap form of SEO that you are in total control of!


client searching on google for a hypnotherapist


4. Hypnotherapy blogs ‘get them through the door’

A hypnotherapy blog post get somebody onto your website. This is why I always recommend to hypnotherapists that you should host your blog on your website, rather than using an external blog service. Because, once somebody is on your website, they are much more likely to then navigate from the blog to another page on your site, in order to take a look at the services that you offer. This will lead to more people signing up for hypnotherapy sessions with you. And on that note, check this out:


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As you likely know already, at the Rory Z Hypnosis Academy we offer hypnotherapy training, so many of my hypnotherapy blogs are directed at people who’re looking to learn hypnotherapy, or develop as hypnotherapists. For example, I have blogs on:

Just as my blogs help to get thousands of prospective hypnotherapists (and already-qualified hypnotherapists who’re looking for further training) onto this website, your own hypnotherapy blog will help you to get prospective clients browsing through your website!


5. Hypnotherapy blogs create reciprocity

Finally, you have the concept of ‘reciprocity’ to consider. This basically means, because you giving away some useful information for free on your website, that people will feel as though they need to ‘give back to you’ for doing this. The most obvious way of ‘giving back’ is to sign up for a hypnotherapy session, or even for a free consultation (hey, more free stuff can’t hurt either)! As a hypnotherapist, you’re in a prime position to use human behavioural psychology to your advantage when considering how people interact with you, your website, and your content, and in the end, everyone wins – you get a client and the client gets a well-trained, professional hypnotherapist to help them reach their goals!


Hypnotherapist talking with a client during a hypnotherapy session


So, hopefully this hypnotherapy blog has given you some inspiration and 5 good reasons to start your own hypnotherapy blog. As mentioned at the start of this blog, I have written this entire blog using a free online dictation service. The website that I am using right now to type this, is: – and although sometimes it might make the odd mistake, it’s really user-friendly, and you can edit your text (using your keyboard) as you are speaking. Then, once you are done, you can simply select the whole thing, copy it, and paste it into your very own hypnotherapy blog post. There are many other sites out there too – this is just my personal preference, as a genuine working example (and I’m not getting paid anything to share their website, it really is just a genuinely useful online service)! So, whether you choose to use a speech-to-text service, or go ‘old fashioned’ and write out your blog by hand, the main thing is that you get started as soon as you can!

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Written by
Rory Z Fulcher
Rory Z Fulcher
RZHA Trainer and Founder
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