New training events announced for 2024: Rapid Hypnosis Training and  Stage/Street Hypnosis Training

Learn Hypnosis with the Rory Z Hypnosis Academy

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"To truly master hypnosis, you must develop a passion for learning, practicing, experimenting and immersing yourself in all things hypnosis!"

- Rory Z

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Develop your hypnosis skills

Whether you want to learn rapid inductions, hypnotherapy, or even stage and street hypnosis, we’ve got you covered! Check out our training options below:

Learn rapid inductions

Learn to hypnotise people in seconds with rapid inductions and instant hypnosis techniques!

Learn Hypnotherapy

Join our world-class hypnotherapy training course and start changing lives with hypnotherapy!

learn stage hypnosis

Learn to harness the powerful skills of the stage and street hypnotist, and have fun with hypnosis!

Got a question about learning hypnosis?

If you have a question about learning hypnosis or hypnotherapy with the Rory Z Hypnosis Academy, get in touch with Rory directly using the button below. He’s available to any questions you might have, and is always happy to help!