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Can anyone become a hypnotist?

Can anyone become a hypnotist?

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Hypnosis, to the uninitiated or casual observer, can seem like an unattainable skill, or perhaps even a ‘gift’ that somebody must be born with. So, how do you become a hypnotist? Can anybody become a hypnotist? Well, perhaps you’ll be surprised by the answers to these questions…


Can anyone become a hypnotist?

Hypnosis is a skill, rather than a gift. A hypnotist, like any other skilled professional, is not born a hypnotist. It is something that we have learn, practice, and develop, just like any other skill, and it usually takes months or, more commonly, years to perfect. However, there are no predefined requirements stating who may or may not learn hypnosis. So, pretty much anybody can become a hypnotist, if they are willing to learn.

So, with that out the way, let’s take a look at how you can learn hypnosis.


How do you learn hypnosis?

To learn hypnosis, you simply need the right kind of training, and finding it is easier than you might think! There are many different books and courses (both online and offline) available that will teach you to become an expert hypnotist. But before you go hunting for those, there’s something you need to do first… When starting your journey towards mastering the art of hypnosis, first you must consider what you want to do with hypnosis.


Can anyone become a hypnotist?


Hypnosis itself is a trance state or a hypnotic state that somebody enters into. A hypnotist uses ‘hypnotic inductions‘ to create that state. Once you have somebody in a state of hypnosis, you then have a couple of different options as to how you proceed.

Perhaps your goal is to simply hypnotise somebody in order for them to experience being in hypnosis. This is called experiential hypnosis, and as well as learning how to hypnotise, you will likely also need to learn how to employ hypnotic phenomena to demonstrate to your hypnotised participant that they are in fact in hypnosis.

Learning simple hypnosis (e.g. how to hypnotise someone) is a fantastic way to get to grips with the skills required to create hypnosis, before you then move on to more in-depth and specific applications, that I’m going to talk about next.


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Different types of hypnosis training

You may wish to entertain with hypnosis, in which case you would be known as a stage hypnotist or a street hypnotist, depending on what types of performances and demonstrations you’d like to do. A stage hypnotist performs formal stage hypnosis shows for parties, events, and at theatres. A street hypnotist performs impromptu demonstrations off-stage, in various locations, and just for the fun of it. In order to perform stage or street hypnosis, as well as learning how to hypnotise somebody, you will also need to learn how to create entertainment-based suggestions and comedy hypnosis routines. More on this shortly.

Maybe you wish to help people with hypnosis, this is known as hypnotherapy. In order to perform hypnotherapy to help people to overcome problems and reach their goals, as well as learning how to hypnotise, you will also need to learn how to use therapy techniques with your hypnotised client. Fundamentally, hypnosis + therapy = hypnotherapy.


Can anyone become a hypnotist?


Can anyone become a hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapy is fast becoming a widely accepted and sought after therapy option, but who can become a hypnotherapist? What does it take? Are there any prerequisites? Well, in fact, pretty much anybody can become a hypnotherapist. You do not need any prior therapy experience, psychology training, or even hypnosis training before you get started on your hypnotherapy journey. A good hypnotherapy training course will teach you everything that you need to know in order to develop and master the skills of the professional hypnotherapist. So, no matter your background, age, previous experience, or any other factors, it’s likely that with the right training you could become a hypnotherapist.

For more information about how to become a hypnotherapist, and how to find the right training, check out our hypnotherapy training FAQs.


Can anyone become a stage or street hypnotist?

Just as anyone can become a hypnotherapist, the same is true of stage and street hypnosis. If you would like to entertain people using hypnosis and become a comedy hypnotist, you can! Also, unlike hypnotherapy, learning to entertain with hypnosis is often a quicker process to learn. With hypnotherapy, there are many different types of skills that you need to learn, such as behavioural, cognitive, analytical, and regression therapy techniques. However, with stage hypnosis, the majority of what you will be doing involves ‘direct hypnotic suggestion‘. this means, once you have your participants hypnotised, you then simply tell them what to do in order to generate funny skits and routines. Obviously, there are more skills required than just ‘telling people what to do’ in hypnosis, but these additional skills are something that you will learn on a good stage or street hypnosis training course.


Can anyone become a hypnotist?


For more information about how to become a stage or street hypnotist and how to find the right training, check out our stage and street hypnosis training FAQs.


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