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Hypno-Fasting, by Rory Z Fulcher


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Get ready to become a fat-burning machine!

Hypno-Fasting is a fantastic way to lose weight fast (and keep it off)! Combining two, tried-and-tested, highly effective weight loss approaches, Hypno-Fasting is designed to be almost as simple as it is effective. By combining ‘intermittent fasting’ with powerful psychological tricks and techniques, this means as well as learning how to fast, you will also learn how to work on your weight-loss ‘mind game’, helping you to become more effective and motivated.

Unlike other “diets” that are a constant struggle, Hypno-Fasting is easy to understand and stick to! With three simple fasting plans to choose from, anybody can pick up this book and get started immediately. Using this method, you will also learn to increase your willpower and to develop beyond that old “yo-yo diet” mentality (which is both unhelpful and unhealthy). So, whatever your sex, age or size, Hypno-Fasting will help you to easily reach your healthy fat-loss goals and help you to feel better about your relationship with food, permanently.

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Why Hypno-Fasting?

What makes Hypno-Fasting work so well? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more:

Success Stories

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About The Author

For more information about the author of Hypno-Fasting, and to read about his fasting journey, visit this page:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypno-Fasting consists of using an ‘intermittent fasting’ plan alongside various hypnosis/hypnotherapy techniques in order to help you lose weight easily and effectively.

“Normal fasting” (intermittent fasting) is great, it works really well in and of itself. However, the whole process can be made much more effective (and easier) by harnessing the power of your mind to work more efficiently alongside your body and your chosen fasting plan. By engaging and utilising this amazing resource (your mind), it means you’ll lose weight quicker, and sticking to the plan will be much easier with your new mind-set.

Pretty much everyone can use Hypno-Fasting, regardless of sex, age, race, activity level, dietary requirements, etc.

You shouldn’t use intermittent fasting if:

  • You have any food/diet-related health conditions or concerns (especially hypoglycemia, thyroid problems, diabetes, etc.)
  • You are a child (under 18)
  • You’re pregnant/breastfeeding
  • You exercise excessively (i.e. more than 2-3 hours per day)
  • You don’t get enough sleep
  • You’re under massive psychological stress
  • You’re using appetite suppressants & fat-loss supplements
  • You’re pretending to be healthy to cover up an eating disorder or to drastically control your daily food/calorie intake

If you’re unsure, contact your doctor before putting these methods to use.

Yes, hypnosis is 100% real, and scientifically proven to exist, but, in reality, hypnosis may be different to what you might expect…

Hypnosis isn’t magic or mind-control. You cannot be made to do things you don’t want to do, nor will you “black out” or “get stuck in hypnosis” (that’s impossible). In fact, hypnosis is a completely normal, natural state of mind, one that we all enter numerous times each day (yes, including you). Hypnosis allows you to become very focused, to the point where all other distractions can begin to become less important.

Contrary to what you may have seen in the movies, people in hypnosis aren’t unconscious… they’re actually super-focused. It’s very similar to when you get into a good book/movie, and everything else takes a back seat. Hypnosis feels a bit like the moment before you fall asleep, where you’re aware, but not totally “with it”. People often say that hypnosis is one of the most relaxing experiences they’ve ever had!

Pretty much everyone on the planet can be hypnotised…but some people respond better to it than others. Around 20-30% of all the people in the world are highly responsive to hypnosis…these people are the ones who you’ll see on stage at a hypnosis show.

That said, almost all peoplerespond to hypnosis well enough to benefit from a hypnosis MP3 (or a hypnotherapy session).

No, the book itself is just a book, it will not hypnotise you. The book contains explanations of many awesome “mind tricks” and hypnotherapy techniques that you can use yourself (outside of hypnosis) to improve your success.

Alongside the book, you also get a Hypnosis MP3 Download – the MP3 definitely is designed to hypnotise you, and will help you to use the techniques within the book as effectively as possible (if you choose to listen to it).

Hypno-Fasting can produce dramatic results, and often very quick progress. Take a look at the transformation pictures below for some examples of “short-term” transformations. Generally, you can expect to see results pretty quickly, assuming you stick to the plan as directed!

Fasting, like many things, is simply a habit. It’s something that you need to stick with for a while, and soon enough it’ll naturally become easier, until it’s almost second nature. Kind of like how tying your shoes used to be hard, when you first learned how to, but you soon got the hang of it. 

Hypno-Fasting also contains a number of tried-and-tested methods that will make your new fasting habit form even quicker than it normally would, which makes things much easier!

Yes, because the longer you stick to your fasting routine, the more your appetite, your tastes, your natural hunger and motivation levels will all self-regulate and become easier to manage. Intermittent fasting is a long-term weight-management solution, and it can be done indefinitely, whilst actually promoting better health (unlike some other diets, that can cause negative side-effects with long term use). So by all means, use Hypno-Fastingforever if you want to!

It’s surprising how quickly your mind and body get used to operating with longer periods of less food/no food. Sometimes you may feel hungry, but by following the instructions in the book, you’ll learn how to easily manage any feelings of hunger. As fasting becomes your natural habit, you will notice that you get hungry a lot less than you may have at the start of the program.

No, and it’s a common myth that fasting “slows down your metabolism”. Your metabolic rate is not influenced by how frequently you eat (whether more or less frequently) – the thing that affects your metabolism is how much “energy” (food) you are taking into your body…and with intermittent fasting, you can still eat a normal amount of food whilst continuing to burn fat!

No, that’s a myth too! Our bodies only go into starvation mode when we are literally starving. To get to this point, you would need to go without food for many days or even weeks, and to a point where your fat-stores have dropped significantly. By fasting for a day (or even a couple of days), you are nowhere near the point of starvation.

Intermittent fasting is not recommended for children (under 18 years old), as the body is still growing and changing, and it’s not something that you want to mess around with. There is no real upper age limit, so it should be fine, assuming you’re of good health and not frail. Again, if you’re over 65, it might be worth double checking with your doctor before you begin your Hypno-Fasting plan.

Aside from a little hunger (when you get started), there are no side effects that happen across-the-board for everyone (as we all react differently to things). There have been some cases of low-energy, dehydration, poor sleep, etc., however, these are all on an individual basis, and are not “the norm”. As with most things, we can actually talk ourselves into experiencing negative side effects (think “the placebo effect”), so it’s a good idea to adopt a positive mindset when you begin fasting, to avoid giving yourself a side effect! lol

This topic is covered in detail within the book, but it’s worth noting that the list of “positive side effects” certainly outweighs the potential less-positive ones (that you’re not as likely to experience anyway).

Generally, people don’t feel faint or shaky (unless they expect to…see the point above). Your body can technically go for days without food, so it’s unlikely that not eating for a few hours (or eating a few less calories) would cause shaking/faintness. If, however, you do find yourself feeling faint, initially approach it as you would with a feeling of hunger (drink some water and give it a few minutes), generally it will pass. If it persists, then it’s up to you if you decide to break fast early. or push on.

If, in the unlikely event, that you always feel faint during fasting, it may be worth exploring in a check up with your doctor/GP.

Yes, you sure can. Exercise is not a mandatory part of the Hypno-Fasting process, however it is covered thoroughly within the book, because exercising alongside your fasting plan can dramatically increase your results (if you want to do it). #NoPressure

The Hypno-Fasting book actually contains all three approaches, so you can choose whichever fasting plan best fits you, rather than trying to fit yourself to one pre-selected plan. We’re all individuals, so being able to choose which approach you take is one of the very first steps to ensuring your continued success with Hypno-Fasting.

There are no mandatory food choices for fast days, however, information on food choices and dietary nutrition has its very own chapter within the Hypno-Fasting book.

Yes, you can drink alcohol during the fasting process, however, you’ve got to remember that alcohol is high in calories and can also make you hungry (and reduce your self-control, which won’t help you). So, whilst it’s not a “no”, it’s often advisable to limit your alcohol intake in order to make a more significant change to your body fat, in a shorter amount of time.

Don’t get in your own way!

Unlike many other diets and fat-loss plans, Hypno-Fasting allows you to eat pretty much whatever you like, so the concept of needing to “cheat” doesn’t really exist for us. You don’t need to cheat when you can eat whatever you like!

The key thing not to cheat on is sticking to the plan as much as you possibly can. Sure, sometimes other commitments may mean you have to have a day off fasting, or cut a fast short, and that’s fine, because we all have lives to live, but so long as you are sticking to the plan for the majority of the time, you’ll get good results (…again, this topic is covered extensively in the book).

This depends on the type of fasting plan that you choose, but you pretty much can (assuming you’re snacking at the right times, and being relatively sensible in your portion sizes/food choices).

No, you don’t need to weigh yourself daily. TBH, you don’t even need to weigh yourself weekly, however, if you feel you must weigh yourself, I’d stick to once-a-week as your maximum… If you can leave it longer, that tends to work better for your motivation (as explained in the book).

If, after a while, you stop losing weight, you may need to be honest with yourself as to whether you’re sticking to the plan fully… and if not, then work on that first. After that, if you’re still lacking results, then you may need to tweak other aspects, such as food choices and exercise options… Sure Hypno-Fasting works great (amazingly, in fact), but if you sit on your ass doing nothing all day, and you eat 5,000+ calories every day, it ain’t gonna work.

If you need more info on how to make changes to your diet and exercise routines, check out the final 2 chapters of the book.

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& Testimonials

Share Your Transformation

We’d love to see your progress, and share it here to motivate other Hypno-Fasting readers!

Please send your transformation pictures to

When sending in your transformation pictures, please include: a before photo, an after photo, how much weight you’ve lost, how long it took, your name and where you’re from (can be city, state or country).

…and we’ll do the rest!

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About the Author

Rory Z Fulcher

Rory is an internationally renowned hypnotist and hypnotherapist, author and hypnosis trainer. He is also the director of the Rory Z Hypnosis Academy. Rory is known as the ‘Rapid Induction Guru’, and has been hypnotising people since he left full-time education at the age of 18, this means he has way more than a decade of experience with hypnosis! You can learn more about Rory here:

Rory’s Hypno-Fasting Journey

“Since my early 20’s, I’ve always been in pretty poor shape… No muscles, excess fat… a couch potato (or maybe just a bit lazy). My weight has fluctuated up and down for years (whilst always creeping gradually higher), but when I returned back to the UK from backpacking in Australasia, I decided to do something about it.

I was 27 years old, weighing in at 93KG (about 14.5 stone/205lbs) with absolutely zero muscle and over 26% body fat! I’d started to feel chubby and gross, and I didn’t like it.

So, having read about various different weight-loss approaches, I decided that ‘intermittent fasting’ sounded like something interesting to try. I figured I’d bite the bullet and gave it a shot… and boy was I impressed with the results!

Here’s my original 3-month transformation @ 27 years old:

Rory Z Hypno-Fasting Transformation

In 3 months, I lost 35lbs

In 3 months, I went from 26.5% body fat down to 11%

Pretty impressive right? Needless to say, I was more than happy with the results. After a while, however, I decided that whilst being thin made me look and feel great, being a bit more muscular and toned would be even better! So, I started to add a little weight lifting into my weekly routine. I just did it a few times a week at home (no gym required), and with relatively light-weights.

Here’s another before & after comparison. The “before” was taken in June 2012 (before any fasting) on a beach in Malaysia, the “after” was taken in May 2013, 9 months into my fasting journey (including 4 months of lifting weights):

Rory Z Hypno-Fasting Transformation

So, I got thin… I put on some muscle… Life was good. I was continuing to remain lean and gain muscle whilst eating the foods I liked, drinking alcohol and partying, etc. Then, a year or two later, I got into a new relationship. That new relationship then became a longer-relationship, and then it became a serious relationship (I know this, as we’re now married, lol). Anyway, as the relationship progressed, I became more and more “comfortable” (…which basically means I got lazy again, I stopped fasting, didn’t go to the gym as regularly, and generally just said “fuck it – I’m in a relationship”).

Hey, we’ve all been there right?

So yeah, I got fat again… but because I had built up quite a lot of muscle over the 2 years of lifting weights, it meant that when I gained extra fat this time, I became bigger and heavier than I’d ever been in my life! At my largest (December 2015), I weighed in at just under 18 stone! (250lbs/113KG). For me, that was a lot higher than I wanted it to be!

Obviously, seeing myself like this, day-in, day-out, meant I had to quit being “comfortable” and get back to fasting once again… so that’s exactly what I did. However, this time I decided to use self-hypnosis techniques in order to keep myself on track and motivated to stick to the plan. It worked great, and this is where the idea for “Hypno-Fasting” was formed.

The “before” pic below was taken in December 2015, the “after” pic was in June 2016 (6 months later). As you can see, in the after picture, I’m still a lot bigger (muscle), and not quite as lean as two years previously, but with much more definition than the chubby guy on the sofa in the “before” pic:

Rory Z Hypno-Fasting Transformation

As you may have guessed, I’m not an underwear model, nor am I a pro bodybuilder. I’m just a regular guy, drifting towards being middle-aged, and currently my goal is to feel as healthy as possible and to be happy with what I see in the mirror!

Hypno-Fasting has helped me achieve this goal, strengthening my resolve and willpower, as well as helping me to lose weight. And the best part is, I haven’t had to give up any of the food and drink that I enjoy! There aren’t many ‘dieters’ out there who can say that! 

As with most things, everybody has ups and downs (me included). There are easy times and more challenging times, and that’s to be expected and embraced. It feels good to be human, but it also feels great to be able to take control of your weight and your eating habits.

So, if you’ve been struggling with your weight, and having trouble sticking to diets, trust me when I say Hypno-Fasting changed my life, and I know it can help you do the same too!”

Rory Z Fulcher
Written in May 2018

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