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The Hypnotherapy Income Calculator

How much can you earn as a hypnotherapist?

Before starting to learn hypnotherapy, many people want to know what you can earn as a hypnotherapist. So, to help you figure that out, we have created the ‘Hypnotherapy Income Calculator’. This free tool will help you to understand how much you can earn when you become a hypnotherapist, depending on what you choose to charge, and how many clients you’re planning on working with each week.

Using the calculator below, you’re able to set your own hypnotherapy session fees (for standard hypnotherapy sessions and stop smoking sessions). We’ve included ‘guideline’ fee examples, however, it’s important to charge a fee that you are comfortable charging, and one that reflects the immense value of what your hypnotherapy skills will be worth to your clients!

Next, you can estimate how many clients you’re likely to be working with each week. To give you an idea, many hypnotherapists work with between five and fifteen clients per week. However, there are others who work with many more!

Then, after you’ve filled out your hypnotherapy session fees and client numbers, the calculator will display four 4 results:

  • Total hypnotherapy clients per week
  • Total weekly earnings
  • Total monthly earnings
  • Total yearly earnings

The calculator has been pre-filled to give you an idea of how it works. Feel free to add your own figures that reflect the fees and number of clients that best suit you! And remember, the higher your fee, the less clients you need in order to make a great living as a hypnotherapist!

The Hypnotherapy Income Calculator

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We hope that you found the Hypnotherapy Income Calculator helpful. It gives you a great indication of how much you can earn when you qualify as a hypnotherapist. If you’re ready to begin your career as a professional hypnotherapist, check out our range of hypnotherapy training options below.

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