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Gym Hypnosis – I hypnotised a journalist to improve his workout!

Gym hypnosis

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Gym hypnosis – Chris Jones

I recently took journalist and fitness enthusiast, Chris Jones, to a gym in London for an impromptu hypnosis session to improve his strength and focus whilst working out. There was no pre-set up, it was a case of: get in the gym, find a quiet(ish) place, I hypnotised him with a rapid induction, used a number of hypnotic suggestions, woke him up, and then tested the work. The entire hypnosis session took around 7 minutes.

Here’s how the gym hypnosis session went (link opens in Chris’ website):


Gym Hypnosis - I hypnotised a journalist to improve his workout!

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Hypnotherapy for improving gym workouts

Improvement in the gym relies on a strong ‘mind game’ as well as the physical strength and endurance needed to perform. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool for helping people increase their workout motivation, overcome blocks and obstacles, and generally perform at a higher level. After a quick hypnosis session that took less than 10-minutes, I helped Chris to beat his personal best on ‘bench press’. If you would like to learn how to achieve similar results, take a look at our hypnotherapy training options, or check out our online training here:


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