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Rory Z featured on Adam Eason’s ‘Hypnosis Weekly’ podcast

Rory Z on the Hypnosis Weekly Podcast with Adam Eason

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Rory Z on the Hypnosis Weekly Podcast

I recently joined the hypnotic maestro that is Adam Eason on his Hypnosis Weekly Podcast. With speakers from all over the world, including hypnotherapists, hypnotists, hypnotic researchers, and much more, the Hypnosis Weekly podcast is super useful, really engaging and very entertaining! Hypnosis Weekly is a brilliant resource for anyone in the hypnosis or hypnotherapy industry, looking to learn more about the ways that different people approach various different aspects of the art of hypnotherapy.


Rory Z podcast contents

The main topic of discussion during this particular podcast is ‘rapid inductions‘ and creating a state of hypnosis fast. After talking about my introduction into the world of hypnosis, which included a little vampirism, I go on to give my opinions of what hypnosis is, who has influenced me the most and some books that I would recommend. I also chat with Adam about my favourite rapid induction, the magnetic hands induction, and give a full breakdown of how I do it so effectively!


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During the podcast, we also chat about my personal experiences and success with hypnotherapy, working with scripts, hypnotic catalepsy and the ‘human bridge’, why I shaved off my ‘hypnotic beard’, the difference between progressive inductions and rapid inductions, the expectations of clients, why the way that I teach hypnosis is always changing and developing, how to choose inductions for specific clients, and much more! We definitely crammed a lot into the session!


Listen to the Rory Z podcast

To listen to this podcast, simply use either of the buttons below, depending on whether you’d like to listen online now on Adam Eason’s website, or if you would prefer to download the podcast as an MP3 to listen later:




I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as I enjoyed being a guest on it! If you have any questions about anything covered in the podcast, do by all means contact me directly. I’m always happy to help!

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Rory Z Fulcher
Rory Z Fulcher
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