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Sex and hypnosis

Sex and hypnosis

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Uh-oh! The ‘S’ word! Sex is something that the majority of people do, want to do, or have done in the past, and it’s also an area where hypnosis can be used in a number of different ways, for entertainment hypnosis, for ‘personal use’ and within hypnotherapy too. This short blog will give you an idea of where hypnosis and sex meet, and why the two topics come together (no pun intended) so frequently.


XXX stage hypnosis shows

Firstly, there’s the role of sex in entertainment hypnosis. You may have seen a comedy hypnosis show where the participants are asked to do sexual things (usually in a funny way), such as demonstrating their best sex moves with a chair or an inflatable doll, or making their hottest ‘sexy noises’ for the audience’s amusement. There’s also the infamous ‘handshake orgasm’ routine, where the stage (or street) hypnotist gives the volunteer a highly pleasurable experience with a simple handshake. With stage and street hypnosis, it’s all about having fun, and no topic is off the menu, sex included …well, all depending on the hypnotist’s idea of fun, as well as the type of volunteers the hypnotist is working with!


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There are some hypnotists who prefer not to include sexual routines in their stage hypnosis performances, also, there are some where it would be ill-advised to do so (such as performances involving anyone younger than 18, obviously). However, there are other hypnotists who specialise in ‘erotic hypnosis’, and perform ‘XXX hypnosis shows’ that are adult only and 100% focused on sex and rude/crude humour. These hypnosis shows do not involve participants actually having sex, but only following outrageous sex-themed suggestions in the name of entertainment and fun! These days, most people who attend a stage hypnosis show expect there to be at least a little risqué content, as such, the majority of stage hypnotists tend to include at least one routine that’s related to sex (even if only slightly).

If you’d like to learn more about the kind of routines you can use in an adult stage show, check out my book, ‘The Stage & Street Hypnosis Handbook‘, which, as well as containing masses of family-friendly routines, includes a whole bunch of ‘adult themed’ routines, including the infamous handshake orgasm!


Sex and hypnosis


Hypnosis for sex & erotic hypnosis

Hypnosis shows sometimes feature a little raunchy content and sexual concepts, but there are also people out there who actively use hypnosis during sex. You have those who experiment ‘in the bedroom’ (or wherever else they engage in their sexual activities), as well as those who have full-on erotic hypnosis fetishes. In these cases, the hypnosis often takes on a more ‘BDSM’ quality, and is frequently about dominance and submission. However, there are many different ways that hypnosis can be applied to sexual situations and activities. Sexual fantasies can be played out in hypnosis, making ‘role play’ a lot more realistic, and hypnotic phenomena can be used to enhance the sexual experience. For example, someone might use catalepsy suggestions to restrain their partner (instead of ropes/handcuffs), or use suggestions to heighten physical arousal and pleasurable sensations. Some install ‘orgasm triggers’ (kind of like the handshake orgasm used by stage hypnotists) in order that their sexual partner can climax on demand, others suggest that their partner becomes more receptive to their sexual suggestions. Hypnosis can be used in various different sexual settings and situations to ‘spice things up’, and is also growing in popularity in the fetish world.

The success of an erotic hypnosis session depends on both the subject and the hypnotist. All people have different levels of hypnotic suggestibility, meaning some people are more responsive to erotic hypnosis than others (in the same way that some people are more responsive to ‘standard hypnosis‘ than others). Also, there are many different methods used by hypnotists, so the ‘end result’ may also depend on how well the hypnotist was trained, as well as the specific types of hypnotic suggestions that they use. If you’re looking to learn erotic hypnosis for personal use, ensure that you do your research, as there is a lot of information out there on the topic, and a lot of different factors that can influence the results.


Sex and hypnosis


Hypnotherapy for sexual issues

As well as erotic hypnosis in the bedroom, hypnotherapy for sexual performance, sexual issues and even fertility is also growing ever more popular. A well-trained hypnotherapist can help clients with a number of different issues or goals, in order to vastly improve their sex lives. Some of the topics that a hypnotherapist may work with are:

  • Anorgasmia
  • Confidence
  • Focus/concentration issues
  • Over/under-stimulation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Detachment
  • Mental rehearsal
  • Frigidity
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Impotence
  • Fertility
  • Sexsomnia

As well as the above, hypnotherapists are also able to help clients work through issues that may contribute to or maintain their problems, such as stress, anxiety, fears, past traumas, low confidence, assertiveness, unhealthy beliefs about sex and much more. So, though ‘erotic hypnosis’ itself will not help remedy relationship problems, a sex-focused hypnotherapy session with a professional therapist may be able to!


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Now obviously, working with sexual issues (and goals) isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, in fact it can make some people feel uncomfortable. However, if you are working with clients on sexual topics (or want to), or you’d like to begin including funny sex-related routines in hypnosis shows and demonstrations, this is something that you can learn to do, and is something that I teach on a 1-to-1 basis. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to drop me a message, I’m always happy to help!

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Rory Z Fulcher
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